Thursday, 19 April 2012

1st brick of 2012

So today I rode 28miles and then ran 3.5miles in quick succession. This is known as a 'brick', the building block of triathlon training.

The bike went really well except I got soaked multiple times in heavy down pours. My feet were painfully cold by the end which made for a comedy transition as I attempted to pull on my trainers in an efficient manner!

The run went wrong after only 2 miles. I had inadvertently started off way too fast and it all caught up on me running up the dip in Beech Lane. I arrived home with heavy legs and a soaring heart rate. That wasn't the plan.

My first race is on May bank holiday Monday, a 400m pool swim, 20km ride followed by an off road 5km run. It is supposed to be a confidence booster in preparation for my target race at Windsor in June.

Without a doubt I need to fit in a few more bricks if I want to enjoy Windsor's 1.5km river swim, 42km ride and 10km run!   

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