Thursday, 15 March 2012

Update on the Hensons ...

Their latest news: 

We are now unexpectedly back in the UK and will be based in Cardiff for a number of months. 

Dave damaged his back 10 days ago. When he began loosing sensation down his left leg he had an MRI scan. This revealed a mass within his spinal column. The doctors in Russia wanted to do emergency surgery, but after discussing it with our medical insurance team it was felt that treatment in the UK would be more suitable. Dave was flown by air ambulance on Friday and Hannah & kids followed on the BA flight of the same day.

The day before this a team from the church packed up our apartment for us ready to be put into storage as the doctors advised that recovery would be months, not weeks. Actually we were already wondering if it was time to move as in the weeks preceding, our apartment suffered again from an infestation of ticks. Although we did move into a hotel for a few days so that the apartment could be fumigated, as the problem is coming from a communal apartment below us with no intention to sort out the problem, fumigation would only help us for a few months before the ticks return again.

Although the last few days here in Cardiff have not been easy, they have certainly been positive! Here is a small report:
·  At this stage the doctors feel that the damage to the discs within Dave's back (following his injury) do not require surgery, but should recover through physio, medication and when he is able, plenty of swimming!
·  The mass that the MRI scan revealed within Dave's spine, which has been the major point of concern requires some further high technology scans before the spinal experts can begin to form a decision about what treatment/surgery is necessary.
·  It is clear that Dave's medical investigation (which unfortunately cannot be transferred back to St Petersburg) and will take a number of months.
·  Dave is out of hospital and although needs to take things very slowly and is in pain, return of mobility is increasing all the time.

We are basing ourselves in Cardiff, Wales for the next few months (which is where Hannah's family live, where we are registered to a GP and where the hospital is that is investigating Dave's back). In the short term a local church here is lending us a home to live in and we are praying for God to provide us somewhere else to live after that or that the house becomes available for longer - please pray about that too.  

The children need to start school here on Monday. Please pray that it goes well.

As you continue to pray for us, please pray into these following areas:
·  That we do not need to wait weeks for the  medical investigation and scans
·  For the investigation to wonderfully show that God has done a healing miracle
·  For the kids to settle into school here and make friends
·  For a complete healing of Hannah's ear infections
·  For a complete healing of Benjamin's hairline fracture in his hand (this also happened last Friday!)
·  That this will be a time of rest and refreshment for all of us; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
·  That this is a special time where God inspires us for the seasons ahead
·  For our accommodation and financial needs
·  That God is powerfully with Hope Church St Petersburg at this time and gives wonderful strength to the leadership team there.
With much love to you all and please feel free to contact us,

Dave, Hannah, Benjamin, Lily and Caleb xxxxx

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