Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Reflections on Terry Virgo

Where to start ...

As is always the case, Sunday came and went. Great Jesus centred worship, many new faces, a solid preach followed by prayer ministry. But this one was different.  

Terry preached with warmth, clarity and anointing and many were prayed for & received the Holy Spirit. Old truths were brought back to life; hearts stirred with fresh faith for the Spirit's power in our lives. You can listen to his sermon here.

But far more was going on than could be observed with our eyes. It felt like a foundation of RFC was being carefully & lovingly lifted, exposed & relaid. Somehow we are stronger and more secure for Terry's visit. I feel safer regarding our understanding of Baptism in the Holy Spirit, even though I preached almost the same sermon the week before!

It was a fabulous Sunday because Jesus was worshipped, the Father was glorified, the Spirit was encountered and the people encouraged... 

I am so glad Terry & Wendy were with us, I am so glad to be part of RFC. 

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