Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lunch with a good friend

Today I travelled to Cardiff to spend time with Dave Henson. 3 weeks ago he was flown back from St Petersburg in an air ambulance with a collapsed disc and a tumour in his spine.

His back pain is much improved (but is still troublesome) and he is awaiting a MRI scan to diagnose what the tumour is. Dave is expecting to need surgery and so planning to be in UK for another 5 months.

They are living in a church house and their children started at local schools last week. They had to leave all their possessions in Russia, including their car, and have now given notice on their flat. 

As ever, Dave is remarkably upbeat with these 'light and momentary troubles'. He is enjoying the book of Job and desires that his family are a display to the glory of God. All very inspiring, humbling and remarkable.

It has been a privilege to cheer him on and he sends his love to all at RFC.

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