Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Fat King is Dead

Lifegroup Notes on my message last Sunday: 

We all known what is it to make progress in life, to know breakthrough in our thinking or behavior. Yet somehow, over time, through our choices and circumstances, our gains can get whittled away. And then a day comes when we realize that we are back where we started, only its now much worse, we have no appetite or faith for change.

Read Judges 3:12-30 The Israelites had known incredible military success and were established in the good land … but sadly grew complacent, hardening their hearts towards their God. So the LORD strengthened a foreign King, Eglon, who built a summer palace in Jericho. This Fat King mocked God by rebuilding there (Josh6v26) and extracted tribute from God’s people. The Jews finally came to their senses after 18 years and cried out to God. He sent them a deliverer, Ehud, who killed the Fat King and sounded the trumpet to rally the people. They went on to defeat & subdue their enemies, but it was a partial deliverance, only 80 years. 

All this pointed to one who is superior to Ehud ... when Jesus died & rose from the grave, he sounded a clear & loud trumpet call to all who would listen. At Calvary, Jesus defeated the ultimate ‘Fat Kings’ of Sin & Satan & Death and it was a complete deliverance, once for all time. His resurrection was the loud trumpet call proclaiming his very great victory; we now rally to Him, and He leads us out to firmly establish God’s kingdom.  

Fat Kings no longer have dominion over us, it was for freedom that Christ has set us free (Eph 5v1). We don’t get to be Ehud; We don’t get to be Jesus; We get to be us, the people of God who need & have a great savior who kills Fat Kings. We can know hope, freedom, liberty and God’s delight for us, because Jesus killed the Fat King on our behalf. 

Can you imagine what it would be like to regain an appetite for change & victory in certain areas of your life? It all starts with crying out to God and rallying to the finished work of the cross. Jesus has won it for us and given the Holy Spirit to empower & encourage us to life change for the glory of God. 

Suggested questions for discussion: What caught your attention from the baptism stories on Sunday? What voices or circumstances in your life seem to mock what God has said? Where do you need to know the freedom & liberty that Jesus has won for you? What do you need to do this week to ‘capture the fords and rout the troops of the dead Fat King’?

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