Thursday, 5 January 2012

RFC - a church or a movement?

This week I spent some time with the senior pastor of a vineyard church and I asked if I could read the thesis he wrote for his Masters degree.

In it he quotes research that suggests 'most churches operate on the 80/20 rule - with 20% of the church doing 80% of the work. Growing churches operate on a 50/50 rule, but to be movement you need 80% of the members mobilised'.

Pastors ponder these things.

I still dream that we could build a community who are 'mobilised' in their faith. By 'mobilised' I mean a growing relationship with God and are self-motivated / responsible for what Christ has entrusted to them.  By this definition I want to be a pastor of a movement, not an 80/20 church. I suspect we at RFC are around 50/50, if only because of the demands of two Sunday set-ups and the size of our children's work.

Last night at my Tri club, one of my buddies was surprised to hear we don't have a building and I don't wear robes on Sunday. Although I do want the former, I really don't want the latter if that means only the special few do the 'God stuff'. One day I hope he'll know different because he will be part of a Jesus centred movement we call RFC.   

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