Sunday, 22 January 2012

Beautiful things at RFC

Cardboard Testimonies from Reading Family Church on Vimeo.

As mentioned in my sermon today - here are the suggestions as we together prayer through the 'Believeing for our tomorrow' booklet over this week. 

Monday (p2-3): Write down a significant moment in your walk with Jesus. Pray about it. 

Tuesday (p4-5): Write out a prayer, thanking God for past or present friendships. 

Wednesday (p6-7): Which words of the RFC Vision most resonate with you? Write them out and pray into them. 

Thursday (p8-9): Write down, and then thank God for some of the things that He is already doing amongst us.

Friday (p10-11): What amazing things would you like God do amongst or through RFC over the next decade? Write them out and pray into them. 

Saturday (p12-13): It is Jesus who builds the church. Write out a prayer asking Him to release what is needed and your desire to co-labour with Him. 

Sunday (14-15): Write down and pray into what your contribution to RFC could be: serving, giving, praying … or even faith filled resting!

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FloydTheBarber said...

Goodness...thanks more making me cry on a Monday morning!

Beautiful things indeed!