Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Back to a prophetic word

On 13 March 2011, Chris Hall from Brickhill Baptist Church, gave the following prophetic word to us at RFC:

'He is pleased with the faithful way in which you have served those people He has already given you and He intends to give you 'a great harvest of souls '. He wants you to earnestly seek Him for guidance as to how you are to nurture, serve and disciple these new people. This is not to find out how to reach them because He will bring them to you. I sense that you will need to be prepared not only to think about buildings but also about how you operate because this new group will not simply be an extension of the growth you have already seen but something quite different in numbers and kind. I believe this needs to happen before the 'harvest' will come.'

Over the past year our Sunday attendance has significantly grown, as has the breadth of our collective life-stories. This word encourages all of us to earnestly seek God for guidance as to how we nurture, serve & disciple these new people and those He is yet to bring us.

I hope to talk into this on Sunday as I speak about us 'believing for our tomorrow'.     

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Craig Mackay said...

Sounds inspiring...can't wait!
Need increasing prophetic input into the church :-)