Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Kitchen update

For the last few weeks I have done little else in my 'spare' time but decorate and install our kitchen alongside Liz. It's going be a great room that will serve us really well as a family with teenage kids. 

But to be honest, I've had a few internal meltdowns, notably on Saturday when having to relay the laminate floor because it wasn't quite right. I've also been very near to crying on a few occasions. For some reason I expect to be able to fit a kitchen like those in the showrooms, but I can't. It really is quite hard. 

It has only been 8 weeks since the extension was started but it feels much longer ... and I'm not finished yet. This morning we learnt the worktops are not going to be fitted this side of Christmas, so I am going to have to re-install our old gas hob on a temporary worktop. 

 Why I am telling you all this? Firstly because its therapy for me. I have lived and breathed this jolly kitchen for some time now and its good for me to remind myself why I am putting myself through it all.

Secondly, because Karena's death last year has changed my outlook in many ways, one being I want to bless my family whilst I have breath in my body. Not that a new kitchen alone does that but it's an outworking of this desire. My wife will be delighted and the children will enjoy the 'bake offs' in the two ovens ... and we now have another TV. 

Our Father in heaven has not just provided us with a superior saviour, He has also given us permission to enjoy being generous to those we deeply love.

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Richard Walker said...

It does look amazing - so far! :-)