Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 in 5 words

Family - Anniversary -  Friends - Adoption - Resolve

Family – I am sitting in our kitchen and looking at a large photo of family Green jumping into the air on our summer holiday. My, how they have changed this year: Joshua is now a teenager, Lucy started secondary school and Zoe has a considered opinion. I am becoming ever more aware of how short their time with us really is, 5 years from now Joshua could be leaving home. Finding time to be with each of them has been a worthy challenge; as has 'nurturing who they are' whilst 'training them in righteousness'. To be very honest, I can lose heart after those 'difficult days', but on balance I think Liz & I are doing a great job.  

Anniversary – this year we celebrated 15 years of married life. Clearly that is long enough to know someone yet we both feel we're still doing that. We have a tendency to be more aware of our shortfalls than successes but even we have to admit God has done a great work in us. This year was also the 10th anniversary of launching RFC … a decade of proving God able & faithful. The highlight of that day was the cardboard testimonies, hearing what He has done in peoples lives makes it all the more worthwhile.  

Friends – I have always been rich in friendships yet occasionally feel lonely in a crowd. I try to use those moment to reflect on the people God has put around me. I am deeply grateful that so many have opened their hearts to a Task-tastic, earnest, grey at the edges, middle aged Pompey boy. I have friends who ride bikes, blog, lead churches, fiddle with IT, do DIY, and joyfully co-labour for Jesus. I know I am a menace at times yet they seem to cope with that, even cheered me on in my 'specialness'.  

Adoption – being from a broken home I have always found it hard to outwork the reality of God as my Father. I had a real breakthrough in 2010 in this and this year I have been applying it to my outlook. Namely, God is for me and not testing me; I am part of His household so can lean into His resources. Simple stuff but demanded adjustments in my thinking. This word 'adoption' has also helped me cope with my shortfalls in His family likeness. Scripture is clear, God has given us a spirit of adoption as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons (Rom 8:15, 23). Amen  

Resolve – I turned 44 this year and feel like I have progressed in some important stuff like 'how I grow in Christ' and 'what I am about'  ... 'a slower day is not coming' and 'no-one is going to invite me into the game'. So I need to be here now, full of faith & joy. I am rich in family, friends and focus. I am follower of Jesus, a husband to Liz and a father to Joshua, Lucy & Zoe. I'm a wannabe triathlete and a delighted pastor at RFC. And I am resolved to pursue all this for the glory of God in 2012!

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