Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hope Church & other stuff

So my feet have finally been under my desk for two consecutive days... here are some of the highlights of the past two weeks

Hope Church St Petersburg: Things have really moved on since May: their new venue is in a hotel which is a central & visible, Hanse has gone full time as the pastor and several churches are looking to become part of the Hope Church 'sphere'. Dave & Hanna are at full stretch at home, their children have started  a new school & Dave has new work patterns! Please do keep praying for their family in particular, they are under a lot of pressure and much is out of their control.

Time with Chris Wienand: Through my friendship with Sean & Nola Dooley at Thameside Church I have been able to hang out with Chris whenever he comes over to the UK. A number of UK & USA pastors spent a day with him talking through the book of Titus. Chris has remarkable insights into the intersect of leadership, culture & the Gospel. We also talked through charismatic gifts on Sunday meetings and how churches relate to 3rd generation apostles (Conversations I don't usually have!).     

Newfrontiers Wider leaders: I spent two days with other leaders from the movement discussing the apostles of 1Cor4, the future shape of newfrontiers in the UK and lessons from William Booths successors. On the second day, Dave Smith from Kingsgate Community Church joined us and talked through his leadership lessons of growing from 20 to 1400 in 24 years. Again, a very insightful & helpful time.   

A day with Ben Davies: Lastly, I spent Friday with Ben and 8 other pastors talking through leadership challenges. A Nigerian pastor from London had a stirring story of leasing a 10,000ft warehouse and favour from the local planning office for change of use. Just the story I needed to hear! Howard Kellet from Cheltenham was also there; he always lights up the room with his questions & comments!

So a delightful, but busy, 10 days and I now have lots of things to mull over in my mind. I am very grateful to God to have so many opportunities & time to learn from people who are ahead of me.


FloydTheBarber said...

Been looking forward to hearing about what's going on in St. P. Glad things are going strong out there.

You've missed an unfortunate 'r' in the first line of your second para!

Sean Green said...

Hi buddy - thanks for the heads up on my fiend!

Have you still got foreign nations won for Christ burning in your heart? Was it Bulgaria that you had hoped to return to?