Monday, 28 November 2011

Jesus the Superior Saviour

Wanting or needing to be saved from something is a very common desire; a savior rescues people from harm or delivers them from unwanted outcomes. The question we face is which savior will we cry out to? Read Luke 2:10-11

Bethlehem was a town that heroes came from: Boaz saved a family, David a nation and now Jesus was to save the world. Jesus was a superior savior in every way:
·        Jesus is God. (Jn1:1-5) In the beginning Jesus was with God and Jesus was God. All things were made through him and for him and without him nothing was made that has been made.
·        Jesus dwelt among us. (Jn1:14)Jesus was born as man, the perfect union of Creator & creature. He knows what it is to live our lives.   
·        Jesus is the only way. (Jn14v6) Jesus is a superior savior because access to God the Father is exclusively through him.
·        Jesus saves many people.(Jn 3:16)  Jesus is a superior savior because he saves people of all incomes & intellects, cultures & sexuality, the popular & rejected.
·        Jesus saves from many things.  Jesus is a superior savior because he alone can rescue & deliver us from things like Sin, Death, Satan and God’s wrath.

The bible teaches us to choose the Superior Savior Jesus; we are not to settle for lesser saviors that at best are faint echoes, or at worst are demonic. Many Christians depend on inadequate savior which can be exposed by finishing off these sentences:
·        I am most afraid of …
·        When I need comfort, I run to …
·        The thing that has made me most angry / disappointed with God is …
·        The person whose approval I seek, or thing that most validates me, is …
·        The person or thing I most sacrifice for is …
Inadequate saviors promise life to the full but ultimately deliver death. Jesus is not like that. Although He promised eternal life but He did not promise to deliver us from every undesirable outcome. Rather he promised to give us His rest as we wait for our final salvation. He does not slumber or sleep; He intercedes and sustains us; We call out to him and He listens… and He gives us His peace & rest & hope.

Jesus is a SUPERIOR savior. Choose Him. Keep choosing Him.

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