Thursday, 6 October 2011

Glory or Demise? Back to Basics.

Have you ever thought about the stark contrasts of Jesus' earthly life? His close friends Peter, James & John saw His glorious transfiguration, whilst Mary, Mary & other women witnessed his brutal demise. The same Jesus who spent time with the 'wrong crowd' also amazed religious teachers with his understanding and answers.

The Jesus of the bible can not be captured in a 3 second sound bite rather he needs to pursued. Sometime the best way of doing this is to go back to basics. 

Over the next few months we plan to centre our preaching fully on who Jesus is and how we are to relate to Him. 

We will be having two guest speakers in this sermon series Adrian Birks, a teaching pastor at Coign Church (Sunday 16 Oct) and Dave Bish, UCCF team leader in South West, will also be with us (Sunday 20 Nov).

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