Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Giving for our tomorrow

This Sunday we shall be gathering at the Town Hall (10:15 for coffee & cupcakes!) and towards the end of the meeting we shall be taking up an offering for our Vision Fund.

We hope to raise at least £125,000 over the next 12 months to help us grow into the costs of leasing a warehouse, start new ministries, employ additional staff, etc. We also plan to give 10% of this away to local charities.

Here's how you can financially invest in our tomorrow:

Please pray! Pray that the required finances are released.

Please give! Either by cash, cheque or bank transfer; Or by making a pledge to give a specific amount over the next 12 months; Or a combination of both!

Please be free not to give! If you dont want to, or unable to ...but do join in celebrating with those who want & are able to give.  

We are believing God for an amazing tomorrow, so let's gather together in the centre of our town and tangibly express our love, gratitude and trust in Him.

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