Friday, 9 September 2011

Viewing buildings

Tomorrow we are gathering the elders & deacons together. To help fuel my own faith & vision tanks, I tagged along with the RFC Facilities team as they viewed two properties at lunchtime.

The first property was a warehouse of 10, 000 sq ft subdivided into two main spaces of 6,500sqft and 3,500sqft; the carpark had space for 80 cars. It was a basic shell with offices and very easy to see how we could use this site.

The second was an industrial unit of 18,000sqft over two floors, with parking for 100 cars. It was a much more complex building to understand how we would use it ... but was thrilling to consider given all the space it offered.

We won't be making any quick building decisions but am looking forward to bringing my unique contribution to the team tommorrow!

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