Friday, 16 September 2011

Homework for Vision Sunday

For those who are around on Sunday could you please read Joshua 1v1-18 and 3v1-5. It would also be helpful for you to pray through these two prophetic words:

Julian Adams on Sunday 16th Jan 2011: “I really believe God is suddenly going to open up even things like land and building for you very quickly, suddenly there’s going to be a opening, suddenly there’s going to be favour even at a council level and where there’s been closed doors suddenly things are going to break open for you because there’s going to be a residential anointing almost in the building that when people come into places like this they’ll come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and I believe we’re in that season where the unusual is going to happen”

Chris Hall on Sunday 13th March 2011: “I sense that you will need to be prepared not only to think about buildings but also about how you operate because this new group (of people I am adding) will not simply be an extension of the growth you have already seen but something quite different in numbers and kind. I believe this needs to happen before the 'harvest' will come”.

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