Monday, 5 September 2011

Bournemouth pier to pier 2011

Yesterday I swam the 1.4miles between the piers at Bournemouth and Boscombe. It was a charity swim for British Heart Foundation, thank you to all those who sponsored me  
A mass start of 1200 people is always going to be chaotic, so I decided to get towards the front and swim hard to avoid this. A good plan ... I was involved in very few collisions of note.
I still get really nervous waiting at the start signal ... but it's also exciting when we all head off. There was a collective cheer as we entered the water!
It was ideal swimming conditions, flat calm with the wind & current behind us. The water was clear and at one point I was able to follow a submerged cable, so even swam straight for quite a distance! 

I ended up tracking the guy below most of the way, he was easy to spot being one of the few swimmers not in a wetsuit. We sprinted to the finish together and he wanted to know our time.
I guess the question remains, what swim challenge do I attempt next year?


Karen said...

Great achievement! Rather you than me though. As for another challenge - did you know David Walliams is swimming the length of the Thames this week ... ?

Sean Green said...

Swimming the Thames in 8 days is a proper swimming challenge ... although they do keep saying on his website to not try it yourself!