Monday, 22 August 2011

Anne says 'Thank you'

I know we are not perfect as a church ... but let me tell you about my day.

Six weeks ago Anne first came along to RFC and told her story. Her husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and the outlook was bleak. Two weeks ago he died (aged 59) and today I led the service at the Crematorium.

Miranda, Josh J & Kat led us musically and a good number from RFC managed to be there to show our support for Anne and her bereaved family.

Afterwards we hosted a wake at the church offices - Josh B had swapped his working week around to come in, set up and be available. By 6:30pm the family & friends had left and Josh B was hoovering, Kinga was washing up.

Anne's family were hugely touched by the church's big heartedness towards them. I realize that we can't all be at everything, yet I know any would have served if asked.

Every so often we get glimpses of what God has been doing in our hearts, and it is thrilling.

I am so thankful to be part of a community that endeavours to embrace relative strangers in their darkest moments ... surely the gospel is bearing fruit amongst us.

And Anne says thank you.

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