Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Let's try to make a bigger impact

Like many I am still trying to process the violence on the streets of our country.

It is hard to reconcile the anger felt by a community in Tottenham because of a shooting, with the appalling copy cats acts of looting across our nation. Homes and business' have been destroyed and replaced with loss, fear & anger. Is this really a true reflection of the nation we live in? I think not (at least I hope not).

Many experts will now comment on these events; hopefully looters will be brought to justice; and I trust lessons will be learnt. 

But we at RFC can play our part, at the very least through prayer. Let's pray for 'Law & order' to be established; for the families coping with upheaval and fear; for livelihoods & businesses to be quickly returned to 'normal'; for peace, forgiveness and reconciliation in the communities affected; and that it doesn't happen in our town.

Lets make an impact at work, over lunches or coffee by bringing a Christ centred contribution into the public conversation. Let's try to use this time to make a bigger impact than hooded opportunistic rioters.

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