Saturday, 27 August 2011

Come ride with us

This mornings ride (as planned by James) was a gentle 30+ miles on quiet roads north of Reading. All was very pleasant until we arrived at Streatley Hill, near Goring. Apparently it is a well known 'lung buster' a sharp incline that snakes up the side of the valley by the Thames. I can't remember the last time a hill hurt that much, I literally couldn't talk when I reached the top. 

Anyway, the point of this posting: there are a growing number of road cyclists in RFC and we thought it fun to have a group ride once a month on a Saturday over the winter. The idea being we ride 30-40 miles at a pace the slowest can comfortable hold whilst sitting within the group. James is thinking of starting around 8am, maybe later in deepest winter. 

Next year we could also ride the circular Isle of Wight route (a classic) and have a few other days out on our bikes. 

It will primarily be a social ride to help like minded people connect, NOT a hard training ride. If you are interested contact James Keith via church office or let me know your details to pass on to him.

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James Keith said...

Prospective first ride will be Saturday 24th September - 8am, or can be 9am if that's more stomachable... Route still to be decided