Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Together on a Mission 2011

Last week about 20 of us from RFC attended the Newfrontiers leadership conference in Brighton. We joined with thousands of other leaders from across the world as Newfrontiers multiples from one apostolic leader (Terry Virgo) to approx 20 apostolic spheres. Much of the week was framing this significant and courageous step ... the movement has fundamentally changed and come of age. On Thursday night we prayed for the nations and the offering raised around £925,000, so thank you to all at RFC who gave.

Do try to download some of the messages, particularly Terry’s messages and PJ Smythe on 'Sickness & Suffering' here.
 The seminars were also varied, click here for those.

My initial reflections on the week are as follows:

We at RFC are privileged to be part of something that is demonstrably advancing the kingdom of God. Churches are being planted, leaders are being raised up, the Gospel is being preached and the needs of the poor are being met.

I was reminded again of why I love the emphasis of the Bible and the Holy Spirit that Newfrontiers brings so clearly.

I so appreciate the opportunity to catch up with friends or seeing their face across a crowded room – I deeply love many people in this movement and highly value their friendship.

I much prefer change that comes from growth. Whilst the principles & framework for the apostolic spheres is now in place, much of the detail that affects RFC is still to be worked out over the coming years. I am quite happy for us to live with this lack of clarity, we have enough strong links around us to keep us moving forward with great faith and expectancy.

I do enjoy running along Brighton seafront in the early mornings and swimming from pier to pier – a great location for a triathlon summer training camp!

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