Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The gospel begins

I have always enjoyed the fast moving nature of Mark's account of the life of Jesus. This is reflected in the opening verse 'the beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God'. No reason, no genealogy, no nativity - just good news.

Mark clearly shows Jesus as both the 'Messenger' and the 'Message' of good news. Over the next weeks we shall dig into this account and hopefully gain a better understanding of this 'Godspel' and also why Mark arranged his material as he did. 

It would be helpful to read ahead each week as we will be covering a lot of ground, so here's the series plan:

The Servant who rules

24 July: Mark 1v1-13 Forerunner, Baptism & Temptation
31 July: Mark 1v14-3v6 Disciples, Miracles & Controversy
07 Aug: Mark 4 – 6v6 Parables, Boats & Unbelief

The Ruler who serves

14 Aug: Mark 9v33 – 10v52 The Teaching of Jesus
21 Aug: Mark 11-15 - The Passion of Jesus
28 Aug: Mark 16 - The Resurrection of Jesus

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