Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A day on our bikes

Yesterday, James, Richard and I returned to the Isle of Wight to ride the circular route again. There is something very exciting about getting on the ferry at Southampton with a 60mile+ route ahead of you.

Within 7 miles Richard had his first puncture, followed by the second at 11miles. It transpired that his rear wheel had no rim tape, hence the punctures. James and I were detailed off to find a bike shop whilst Richard languished in the sunshine. After a 10 mile round trip we returned triumphant, having also purchased two additional inner tubes as a precaution.

The rest of the day continued as expected - HILLS. The islanders are keen on their hills (they don't seem to build flat roads) and you have to work hard for every mile you ride. The big hills on the south coast provide gruelling climbs but are rewarded with fast descents on smooth tarmac.

We finally arrived back at Cowes by 4:30pm, after 75 miles of undulating but glorious riding.

Already looking forward to next years return visit ...

1 comment:

Richard Walker said...

To top off the wear wheel woe, I discovered a broken spoke when I got home! :-(

Other than that, a thoroughly enjoyable day!! :-D