Wednesday, 6 July 2011

15 years of marriage - my poem to Liz

It started with a phone call from China or Hong Kong, 
And who would have guessed we’d last so long?
Your thoughts turned quickly to matrimony, 
But sadly all that changed the moment you saw me! 

But I captured your heart with my wit & style, 
And it wasn’t too long and we were walking an aisle. 
Sadly the date of our wedding you often forget, 
But the weight of the vows you never neglect. 

You looked so beautiful, that I think I cried, 
I clearly remember wiping a tear from my eye.
The only regret we have from that day,
Is ‘why on earth did we hurry to get away?’ 

Two years did pass and along came our son, 
And we are so proud of who he has become. 
Our joy was filled out with the arrival of our first daughter 
She looked just like her mum, although quite a bit shorter.

So we moved to Reading to start a great church, 
And good people joined us, we didn’t have to search. 
Our lives were so busy, and our house felt very full, 
And still our marriage was very much on the ball. 

To be honest, one time, we did get sore, 
And uttered those words, which felt so raw... 
“I’m bored of you” we said, and it sounded so sad, 
But it brought us new life, and now we’re so glad. 

Then Zoe arrived, after much stress in a car, 
When we saw her face, we knew she’d go far! 
So with our family now full and feeling complete, 
Only one question remains “Who has dad’s feet?” 

So as Joshua’s teen years unfold before us, 
And Lucy’s pierced ears are no longer the fuss. 
As Zoe grows tall and they all want to roam, 
Let’s enjoy them now before they leave home. 

And through all this, let’s remain best friends, 
Even though, at times, my ways I must mend! 
You’ve laughed when I’m funny and helped when I’m sad, 
You’ve encouraged me greatly when I’ve failed as a dad. 

You’ve loved me in spring, and all through the summer. 
You’ve loved me in sickness, (although you found that a bummer!) 
You’ve loved me in autumn, and in the chill of a winter, 
No season, it seems, can make our love splinter. 

And so I end this short ditty having said nothing new, 
I simply thank God for the last 15 years with you. 
You’re a fox and a babe and all of the rest, 
When it comes to a wife, you’re simply the best!

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pete horne said...

Loved the "daughter... shorter" couplet - Pam Ayres would be proud!