Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A question for Dads@RFC

On Sunday we're gathering both congregations for a Fathers' Day Lunch at Reading Girls' School. We shall be having a BBQ, Tug of War, a Bouncy castle and 'Pillow Fight Jousting'. We will also be giving each dad a small but essential gift ;o) 

To help me prepare for my message, I need the dads in the church to answer this question in one word 'What Kind of dad are you?'.

Dads: If you could take off your mask and honestly answer this question, what would your answer be? 

What kind of dad are you? ... I am a xxxx dad  (insert answer as appropriate i.e. happy, tired , inspired, content, worried, ambitious, disappointed, hands-on, absent ). For example: I am a tired dad, a skint dad, a step dad, etc etc.

Please email your answer and I will anonymously refer to your response as part of my message. And it doesn't have to be too serious!!!  

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