Thursday, 19 May 2011

10,000sq ft #2

So I've have had a great response about potential new buildings. A warehouse on Arkwright Rd potentially looks great, see details here (thanks Shelley!) Having spoken to the agents and Reading Borough Council, it seems as though it's in a 'designated corridor' where RBC are highly unlikely to grant change of use.  

So two things are now very clear to me: #1 This is going to take a lot of work to figure all this out. #2 We need a small team to help do this.

So if you like this kind of thing, are happy to do research / make phone calls, could you let me know! I now have more building details than time to look at them!      

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Rosalind said...

We are always inspired by your passion and vision to see more people saved and added into the kingdom of God and what needs to be done to achieve and accommodate that growth. Wonderful! However, what is less inspiring is this new background you have on your blog. What's that all about??!!