Tuesday, 17 May 2011

10,000 square feet?

So far this year nine people have become Christians and we've baptised seven. Forty people have attended our membership course and our lifegroup attendance is at an all time high. On Saturday, the offices were at capacity for the quiz night, as is Toddler Group on Thursday morning's! 

Our Sunday venues are also beginning to feel the squeeze ... if everyone turned up we'd be in trouble! (We've booked the Town Hall for our 10th anniversary celebration in October, it seats 700!). 

Without a doubt, Jesus is building His church.

So my thoughts keep turning to a new venue in which we can do everything under one roof, giving us a base to better serve the communities of Reading.

Somewhere to gather youth and give them hope; rooms where we can equip people to get back into work/start a business; a safe space for children to play & interact with others; an environment where social barriers can be broken down; a place where the needs of the 'have-not' are met by the 'have'; a muster point for communities in our town; a space where people can gather to worship Jesus and love people. 

I desire for us to have a building where we can do all this, and more. 
And so my eyes are once again scanning 'To Let' hoardings on buildings. I wonder if we might try to lease a warehouse for 5 years in order for us to grow to 450-500 people. But then we'd also need planning permission for 'Change of Use' which is very hard to get. 

I am not even sure 10,000sq ft is the right amount, I just sense we need to start seriously looking & praying for a new venue. 

So, lets keep scattering seed, expecting God to multiple it 30, 60 or even 100 times what was sown ... and if you see a suitable venue, let me know!

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howard said...

Go for it Sean! You need a square metre in your auditorium alone for each person so 10 square feet x 1000 about 10000 sq feet plus all the other rooms