Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fools .. the story so far

Joshua discovered the house brick in his school bag (me) and at lunch time will discover the hot chilli sauce in his sandwiches (Liz).

Lucy was soaked by the classic 'cup on top of the door' (Joshua) but somehow I escaped the same fate when I open the side gate (Joshua).

Joshua and Lucy found the toys in their breakfast cereals (Zoe).

My study had seven A4 pictures of swans in it (interns) to remind my of my disastrous Radio Berkshire interview and a special 'Swan Appreciation Society' badge (interns) had been pinned onto my jumper without me knowing. A hidden mp3 device (interns) started playing loud swan noises in my study.
My window onto London Street has a special sign on it (interns). My mug was kidnapped (interns) until I told them where I had hidden all teabags.

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