Monday, 21 March 2011

The Reading Half ... oh for 1 second!

So after 35 training runs covering 260miles, I ran the Reading Half in near perfect conditions and hit my target time of 1:30:00 ... I'm really chuffed.

My race mantra was "Pain is your friend" and "I want to know Christ, and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering". It worked for me!

However, had I been 1 second faster it would have been sub 1:30 and that feels like a whole different level.

Here then is the paradox of running - I ran 3mins 40 seconds faster than my previous best & achieved my target, and still it isn't quite enough... hmmm

That said, Liz, Joshua, Lucy & Zoe ran the Green Park Challenge beforehand and our son came in 17th out of 1200, which has no such bitter/sweet aftertaste.


Karen said...

Well done to all of you and 1:30 - I'm not sure I could walk it in that time!

But can I ask you to stop being so hard on yourself? You set a target and you reached it. Rather than feeling that you could now better it and belittle the fantastic achievement you did get, how about looking at the sub 1:30 as a NEW target? Then next year you would have achieved two targets, not just one that was a little bit better than the year before :-)

Craig Mackay said...

You need to be a bit more focussed with your training I reckon. Are you sure you didn't stop for a cup of tea half way around?

Pete Cornford said...

Thats fantatsic news - well done!!!

pete horne said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure I _could_ walk it in that time!

Sean Green said...

Karen - its a competive guy thing ;o)

Craig - the queue at Starbucks at 6.3miles was long which cost precious time but the caramel latte hit the spot.

Pete - no, fantastic is 3:17 at the London marathon! well done you!

Pete - there is NO WAY you could walk 13.1 miles in 90 minutes ;o)