Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Catford & Croatia

One of the ways I learn is through observing & interacting.

Tomorrow I am off to Kings Church, Catford for two days of coaching to improve my skills as a lead elder. Steve Tibbert hosts the sessions and he has asked John & Debbie Wright (Trent Vineyard) to speak, so it should be a superb time. The guys at Catford are now multi-site so hopefully I will also get to see each of their 3 campuses.

On Friday I am travelling to Croatia with Martyn Dunsford and Ken Bothamley for the weekend. We are visiting a church that is considering joining newfrontiers and I've been asked to speak on Saturday night. I am really looking forward to being around Martyn & Ken and am sure I will learn much / catch something of their pioneering spirit.

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