Saturday, 12 February 2011

Finishing strong with my son

Today was my long run and Joshua joined me at 11.5 miles. He set the pace and quickly gave me this advice "Stop talking dad and save your breath for the pace". I did as instructed for the remaining 3 miles.

Joshua runs for Reading AC and has clearly improved! Sheer doggedness kept me going whilst he looked very fresh throughout (he had 50m on me when we finished).

Without a doubt I finished stronger today because my son set the pace and called the best out of me.

Whilst running with him, I prayed for the day (God willing 40+ years from now) when my son will help me finish my race well and I go home to be with Jesus.

It won't matter what times I did the Reading 1/2 in. Only two things will matter: #1 That Jesus' righteousness has been credited to me; #2 How I lived for Jesus.

And when that day comes, I hope my son is running fresh & strong for Jesus, setting a pace that inspires me as I take my final breath.


Craig Mackay said...

You looked knackered when I passed you....Joshua was just toying with you... you should try harder. It is a race after all :-)

Sean Green said...

I think the term your searching for is 'dogged running'. You seemed to have missed my poignant reflection on life :0)