Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dwell Deep - Truth

On Sunday I kicked off our new sermon series, albeit a few weeks late!

Read John 18:33-38

We can know Truth: Pilate had no appetite for truth; no conviction to seek it out or to uphold it. Jesus however, said that everyone on the side of truth, listens to him. Truth was standing right in front of Pilate and he did not see it. So, Truth is found in the Person of Jesus. Truth is, ultimately, relational (the Triune God). We can also know truth through God's self-disclosure to humanity found in a sacred compilation of various writings known as the Bible.

The Bible contains Truth: God can not lie or speak falsely. The writers of the bible repeatedly affirm that the words of the Bible, though human, are God’s own words. Therefore all the words in the bible are completely true and without error in any part. What was originally written down by the author (in their native language) contained no errors, omission or lies, it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. God’s words are the ultimate standard of truth for our attitudes, actions and decisions.

The Bible is necessary for Knowledge of the Gospel: Eternal salvation only comes through belief in Jesus. The bible is necessary for salvation in the sense that you must either read the gospel message for yourself or hear it from another (Rom 10v13-17).

The Bible is necessary for Maintaining Spiritual Life: Jesus said in Matt 4v4 that our spiritual life is maintained by daily nourishment with the word of God.

The Bible is necessary for Certain Knowledge of God’s will: In the Bible we have clear and definite statements about God’s will. He has not revealed all things to us but He has revealed enough to us to know his will Ps119v1.

We Gather People to Truth: We gather to God’s Truth in the Bible because:
#1 As we go through life, frequent practice in searching the bible for guidance will result in an increasing ability to find wise, accurate answers to our problems and challenges.
#2 It reminds us that we are to add nothing to Scripture and that we are to consider no other writing of equal value to Scripture.
#3 It reminds us that God does not require us to believe anything about himself or salvation that is not found in the Bible (beware the Gospel of Thomas!).
#4 It reminds us that no recent revelations from God are to be placed on a level equal to the bible (beware wacky Charismatic’s!).
#5 It reminds us that nothing is sin that is not forbidden by Scripture either explicitly or by implication (beware Legalists).
#6 Nothing is required of us by God that is not commanded in the Bible either explicitly or by implication.
#7 It reminds us that our thinking & ethics should emphasize what the Bible emphasizes & we be content with what God has told us.

We Gather People to Truth & Grace: As we search the Scriptures we discover story after story where God’s Truth speaks and reveals unmerited favour. We want to extend Truth & Grace to a town & culture desperately seeking answers, hope and meaning. Jesus is our ultimate model for this (John 1v14). We are to be clear and confident as to what God has revealed. And we are to extend Grace, God’s unmerited favour because Jesus died for our sins.

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