Saturday, 19 February 2011

A day with Chris & Meryl Wienand

Today, Liz and I joined with others for a day with Chris and Meryl. I first met Chris about 16 months ago through Sean & Nola Dooley and now try to get to any UK gathering he is at. Here's a few quotes from my notes today:

"We are living in an uncertain time but it is not a time for fear; theology must paint over the fear in our hearts. We need to understand Gods investment in this world and be confident that God is at work in all things."

"The moment a system works it is already heading towards being obsolete

"Our calling wont change but our robes may; Joseph wore many different robes (A son, prisoner, steward, prime minister ...)"

"Who wants to be a historian or a custodian of other peoples history? How old is your last 'trusting in God story'?"

"The size of the church does not, & should not, determine the health of the pastor".

"Pulpit time can not replace face-to-face time"

"Our role as a husband is not to define who our wife is, rather to endorse who she is".

"Sadly, at some point, a generation will want the benefits without the sacrifice".

"The 'scaffolding' in church life has no eternal value, so be open to change things and fight the right battles".

"I'd rather sit in darkness and wait for God, than light my own way".

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just thinking said...

Thanks Sean-we loved connecting, catching up and hanging...mmmm
We will keep in touch
Chris and Meryl