Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The 1st cheque

Last Sunday morning at Reading Girls' we had to 'squeeze' in more chairs during the morning meeting; the newcomers lunch at the London St offices was very busy (two families got lost getting there); and the evening meeting at South St is now starting to get some traction. For the last two weeks we have gathered well over 300 people.

Also on Sunday, RFC was given her very first 'unsolicited cheque' for a building fund (technically we don't actually have one yet). I sense this generous & spontaneous gift is also a prophetic statement, one to make note of.

I have a growing sense that having a bigger building allowing us to do everything in one place, could help us touch more lives for Jesus. I also think it could come as a 'suddenly God' moment, certainly Julian Adams prophesied as much a few weeks ago.

Do keep praying and being open about our next steps in terms of facilities. Reading Girls', South St & London St are serving us well for the time being, but they won't sustain the growth we are currently seeing.


dave bish said...

Loving hearing that kind of news from you.

FloydTheBarber said...

Yeh...what Bish said!