Monday, 10 January 2011

A 'trouser cough' moment

This weekend we went away with Liz's family - 9 kids, 7 adults in the wilds of Shropshire. We all stayed in a rambling 9 bedroom coach house which was perfect for playing 'Sardines'. Unsurprisingly, just as we were about to leave for the 3hr journey home, the kids wanted one last game of 'Sardines'. Everything in me wanted to play the 'lets get on the road ... its a long journey ... Mr Sensible Dad' card. Thankfully I didn't.

The airing cupboard was hot, dark and already had 4 people in it by the time I climbed in. Three more children quickly found us, so we squished even closer together. It got REALLY hot. And then it happen.

A spectacular and anonymous 'trouser cough'. We all howled with laughter and accused each other. Finally discovered by the last few, we all tumbled out, gasping for fresh air and giggling wildly. It will be a moment of Groovy Green Legend.

And I could have so easily missed it, if I had stayed on schedule and ignored the pleas of excited cousins. Moments like that are never planned, and probably often missed by focused people like me.

So my advice is: Slow down. Ask "why wouldn't I linger or delay a moment longer" ... and maybe, just maybe, you'll have a 'trouser cough' moment too.

And for the record, it wasn't me. Honest.

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irene m said...

love this funny and I bet it was you...!!!!