Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Thoughts on Sunday with Julian Adams

At times I have been concerned that our Sunday meetings at RFC are lively but not very charismatic. Well, last Sunday was CHARISMATIC-tastic.
Julian's accuracy in word's of knowledge & prophecies were genuinely amazing. I kept asking myself, "How did he know that?".

At the evening meeting we invited the Holy Spirit to come, and He came! A visitor who is not yet a Christian said "All I can say is, God must be here". I got an email today that said
"It was an incredible Spirit filled Sunday". That captures the day well.

So what now?

Firstly, I want to say that I think Julian has both a remarkable gift and calling from God to revive an expectation of the supernatural amongst God's people. He clearly worships Jesus, loves the Father and walks with the Holy Spirit. He has a love for the Bible and is rooted in a local church. And we had a really great time with him over lunch, lots of laughter !

Secondly, Julian is a great guy but is not inerrant (He is not God, He is not speaking Scripture, he is a finite man who will make mistakes). When he prophesies he prophesies in part (1Cor13v9) and so we must test everything he says (1Thess 5v21).

Thirdly, prophecy is meant to strengthen, comfort and encourage us (1Cor 14v3). I sense that this was happening on Sunday morning and is one of the ways that we test the prophetic.

Fourthly, we should not treat prophecy with contempt (1Thess 5v20) and so if you did receive a personal prophecy on Sunday then please do prayer about it and talk it through with a trusted friend / Lifegroup leader. We hope to have each of Julian's prophetic words cut down to an mp3 file sometime this week - contact the office for yours.

Fifthly, treasure the prophetic and then do the next normal thing. Don't quit your job, book into bible school or assume you know the ways and timing of God. He is well able to direct and lead you. If He loves you enough to give you a prophetic word in a meeting, He is well able to get your attention / keep you on track. Just keep doing the next thing and trust God.

Lastly, lets cultivate an expectation of living supernatural, Holy Spirit filled lives. Let's be lively AND Charismatic. Our love for God's Word and the oversight of newfrontiers will guard us. So let's build on this weekend and expect more of the Holy Spirit's activity (and messyness) in our lives & meetings.

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