Tuesday, 25 January 2011

RFC Vision Sunday

On Sunday we gathered just under 300 people to worship Jesus, remember our history as a church and to get a sense of what He is uniquely calling us to.

I tried to sum up the next decade using the following statement; we're a 'work in progress' so please be part of the discussion on what our next steps should be:

“Becoming a large, Jesus-centred community; serving the town of Reading and beyond.”

Becoming – We are on a journey, we have not yet arrived; and so we choose to embrace change with faith.

A large – We believe our unique contribution to society is best served by us growing in the number and diversity of the people we gather.

Jesus-centred – We desire to grow in heartfelt worship of Jesus, aligning our lives to His teaching, whilst helping others to do the same.

Community – We dream of building a community of people who know, accept & care for each other; where no-one has to stand, suffer or celebrate alone.

Serving the town of Reading – We want to play our part in meeting the needs of our town; helping create footprints of justice, mercy and hope.

And beyond – To be those who joyfully share our time, talents & treasures to further God’s kingdom beyond our horizon.

I spoke to Nigel at lunchtime, he says 'hello' and that he REALLY likes cheese sandwiches. Our hope is that one day we will be able to offer the vulnerable in Reading more than a cheese sandwich.

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