Friday, 14 January 2011

My notes from Julian Adams

Julian led a session at our newfrontiers regional meeting yesterday. He is also speaking at a conference tomorrow (Details here) and with us on Sunday morning. Here's my notes from yesterday ...

Julian Adams - 13 January 2011
There is an increase in people being saved and healed we need to get excited about what God is doing – it reflects a faith filled, grateful heart. We need to create a culture of supernatural church life, a raising of the bar in the area of the supernatural. Grab hold of the reality of God's kingdom with greater fervour. We need to contend for joy in ministry.

Mark 6:1-6 Jesus could do no significant healings because of their lack of faith – how many of us have settled for few healings? Quote “Jesus healed as a man submitted to the Holy Spirit”??!! Leaders should be setting the culture of the church, not 'the prevailing culture of the people' setting church culture. It is possible to miss what God wants to do even though He is sovereign.

Unbelievers often have no problem with God doing the supernatural amongst us.

The kingdom of God covers both social action and Him coming in power. We must demonstrate that which the kingdom of God demands … power and good works.

The tension comes in pastoral care and expectations. Pastors feel this heaviest but must lead into the power of God – this is a tension we must live with. We tend to lean into the ‘but not yet fully’ more than ‘the kingdom of God is here’!

Reformed churches like ours are committed to the bible and apostolic ministry. Apostolic ministry comes with power, not just as ‘one he is sent’. A Roman Empire ‘apostle’ would come and change the culture of a place to be more like Rome – Jesus came and borrowed that phrase. The Apostolic came to change culture to Kingdom culture, which will bring the supernatural. God is in a good mood, He is good and want to be good to us. The enemy wants to distort our view of God. The early church fathers blamed sickness on enemy – we tend to blame God.

We are afraid of over promising in case God doesn't deliver, so we under-call it. This must be changed in my thinking and at RFC. We have a true ‘prosperity gospel’, in that we receive ‘the shalom’ of God. We must have a clear theology of the goodness of God. God is good to us.

We need to radical commitment of the manifest presence of God. We believe in His Omni-Presence and His indwelling. But we also need to have a clear understanding of the manifest presence of God. We need to be wary of 'working the formulas' rather than 'waiting for the moment'. We must create a culture of waiting for the manifest presence of God, We have confused emotionalism with extravagant worship; extravagant worship draws people into an encounter with God.

We need clear teaching of the Father's love – to move on from the God who judges us and on to enjoy the Father adopting us. We are to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we know who we are, to 'be' more. Toronto was about receiving something of the fathers love – not just equipping us for mission. I am my Father's and the Father is mine.

My ministry is based on my Sonship not performance. We need to grow up and be children. We need to enjoy the Father. Jesus ministry was not one of revealing sin but revealing the Father. We all need to know the Father and reveal the Father. We need to walk with the Father’s love and compassion. We need to know that God heals because He loves, not simply because He can.

Faith thrives in a culture of expectation. We need to preach expectation and then faith is built and comes. So share stories, be authentic about your lack of faith and fear about stepping out. In the UK we celebrate failure, in church life to. We judge people only on their successes or failures rather than on their Sonship. We can be afraid to step out because of failure and performance. We need to be able to say we are scared or have failed. Let’s celebrate success, and failures. We are on an escalator of grace so that even if we fall, we are still rising.

Honour. Mighty works are tied to honouring one another, glory and honour are connected. We are to think of the best of each other, not the worst. Honour the gift and the brother/sister, we don't need to honour the packaging. We need to be drinking from other streams.

Worship and know the Holy Spirit – He is experiential.

Jesus didn't command us to build the church rather to make disciples of the nations.

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