Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Traditions and Truth

On Sunday I spoke about the importance of us embracing truth, as well as tradition. I reminded us of some Christmas gospel truths which I have listed below in case you didn't get them down:
• Genesis 3v15.
• Isa 7v14 & Isa 9v6.
• Jer 33v14-16 & Micah 5v2.
• Matt 1v20-23.
• Luke 1v30-32 & Luke 2v10-11.
• John 1v1 & v14, Col 1v15-20 & Phil 2v5-8.
• Rom 5v6-8.
• Rev 22v12-13.

As pastors we are encouraging all at RFC to join us as we follow a plan to read the Bible in one year. It is 25 readings a month, allowing a few days each month to catch up ... or simply have a rest!

To download the reading plan in preparation for the start on 1st January click here

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