Wednesday, 15 December 2010

RFC leadership awards 2010

Last night we gathered the leaders to recognise the unique contributions they make to the life of RFC:

The 'Roy Avis award' went to Pete Horne for the best new beard of 2010.

The 'Loudest Amen Award' went to Anita Bailey who consistently offered a clear and enthusiastic response in every preach.

'The Most Abrasive Comment Award' went to Stuart Wakeling with his now famous email on why people should serve "Why are you letting everyone else do the work you lazy slacker? Stop thinking and do it!"

'Longest Time in the Hole under the Stage Award' Ben Patterson & Andy Twine who some say are part man, part mole.

'The Breakfast Award' went to the fabulous foodies Mark & Kerry Cowieson who lead both men and womans breakfast teams.

'The Host Tshirt Award' went to Ed Rundle for wearing his host T-shirt on a date, to the pub and for countryside strolls.

'The Washing Up Delegation Award' was accepted by Dorothy Dix on behalf of Will Offei (he delegated her to do it ... a similar strategy he adopts for washing up).
'Arts Centre Lighting & Ladder Award' went to Chris Poston who can now be regarded as the leader of the ladder, the star of the steps & the ruler of the rungs.

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