Friday, 31 December 2010

Questions of 2010

At the beginning of this year I wrote a number of questions in my journal and have often referred backed to them (They're taken from John Burke's book 'No Perfect People Allowed'). Here they are:

Am I experiencing a life of growing in connection with God?
Am I growing in my love of God and people?
Is it Jesus I need or do I think I need something else?
Do I believe He is the source of the life I want?
Am I living a life others want?
Am I being honest with myself and others?
Have I truly found Jesus so fulfilling I can't contain it?

As I pondered the year, reflecting on how I might now answer these questions, I realized my conclusions were based on what has happened, how I reacted and how I now view those moments.

I was able to easily list a page worth of 2010 blessing; things that I am thankful to God for. At times I was moved to tears as I considered God's goodness to me and my family.

I also wrote a few Low-Lows; unanswered questions underlining my inability to fix or change things. At times in 2010, I have been at a loss of what to say, do or feel, only being able to point people to Jesus.

The reason I like these questions is that they embrace my deep desire to know God and have Jesus as the source of the life I want. I want to love people and know God the Father as Jesus did. I want to do life well, and that is rooted in growing in relationship with the Triune God.

And so I think there is still enough life in the questions to copy them out again tomorrow to see how I journey with them though 2011.

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