Monday, 1 November 2010

Putting out chairs

Nine years ago on a cold November morning, we set out 50 chairs in Reading Girls’ School for the very first time. We had just leafleted 2000 homes and were now publicly launching the church. I can’t remember how many new people turned up, but we didn’t fill all the seats.

Since that morning, we have put out a lot of chairs, met many new people and seen Jesus change lives. There is something about putting out seats, trusting God to fill them and then people becoming Christians, still thrills me.
Next month, on Sunday 5th December, we are setting out 750 seats in the Town Hall. In attempting to gather that many people in the heart of our town, we are embarking on the biggest outreach event in the life of RFC. It is going to be a great evening.

In 2001 we struggled to gather 50 people. Nine years later I’m sure we can get close to filling the Town Hall for a Carol Concert ... we just need everyone to bring at least 2 guests. There’s no Kingdom benefits from empty seats.

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