Saturday, 27 November 2010

Prophecy today

On Sunday I spoke about the ‘Prophesied Kingdom’ and said that both the Prophets & Prophecy recorded in the Old Testament are uniquely different to our experience of the prophetic. The Prophets of the Old Testament can be regarded as bringing the very words of God; infallible, inerrant and spoke as God's very mouthpiece.

But we don’t live in that age of the infallible prophetic word of revelation. In short, prophets & prophecy of today need to be carefully weighed whilst also not being treated with contempt. So what can we expect?

What the church has been given is the gift prophecy, the office of prophet, and a whole range of prophetic gifting in between. The bible encourages any Christian filled with the Spirit to prophesy ‘Everyone come with a tongue, a scripture or a prophecy.’ 1 Corinthians 14:26. Steve Tibbert in his blog uses the following diagram that I found helpful:

He argues that prophecy has degrees, or measures. I do think this is helpful in seeing that very few (if any) will operate with only God’s word at the point of giving the prophetic word. As such we need to be very discerning in weighing each and every prophetic contribution: 'What is of man and what is of God?'.

I don't think I want to argue for each of the 4 types of prophesy or try to map people into them. But I do want us all to be wise about 'from who' and 'how' we receive prophetic words. We are to be always looking for that nugget of Gold that leads us to God.

Stu Alfred on his blog gives some helpful guide lines in weighing prophetic words:
1) Is this true? Where do I find this truth spoken in the Bible?
2) Will this edify? This is the purpose of the gift. It is given to build up others.
3) Is the timing right? In a meeting or when speaking to someone, when is the best time to offer what I feel.
If someone offers me a word I will ask the following questions...
1) Is this true?
2) What do my leaders feel about this? (Seeking Godly wisdom)
3) How do I apply this?

For Stu's full blog post click here

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John Marcham said...

Thanks Sean very helpful. I think too that we need to weigh all that we hear , words of knowledge , words of wisdom, interpretations of tongues and what is said by the preachers. Having a knowledge of the word of God is essential if we are to do this, all the more important to be reading His word on a daily basis and praying through what we read( this applies to me, please note well John). Thanks for the teaching at RFC, it's a real blessing.