Saturday, 16 October 2010


Yesterday at work I had my cheque book stolen from my bag (I had popped out to buy the children their 'Chocolate Friday' treats). I bumped into the culprit as he left our offices - I even escorted him, in my usual cheery manner, out of the building ... Dohhhh!

So my pocket money account is now all but empty (it appears it took him 17 minutes to cash the first cheque at the bank). Hmmm. An inconvenience but it could have been worse ... assuming I win my fraud appeal and they credit the money back!

Lessons learnt:
#1 Not everyone is as honest as the people I spend time with.
#2 I can afford to have money stolen, I'm not upset or panicking.
#3 Children process things differently to adults (this episode initially upset them).
#4 And of course the obvious, dont leave cheque books unattended, even in churchy places.


dave bish said...

You use a cheque book? Didn't realise anywhere let's you use them anymore...

Sean Green said...

Clearly - I can now join your cheque-free club :o). Although my new friend seems to find them quite helpful.

dave bish said...

Indeed. Deeply annoying that it happened and that the bank didn't manage to spot the fraud before it happened either...

See you Tuesday.