Tuesday, 19 October 2010

News from Perth

RFC support family Cornford and the newfrontiers church they joined. See below latest email from Pete:

"Thankyou to all at RFC and Praise God for all he has done! In the 16 weeks since the Cornford family landed in Perth Western Australia we have much to thank God for:
• The people already on the ground have been very welcoming and supportive
• Our 3 Kids have got into local schools
• Within a week we found a house to rent and within 2 weeks we had brought a car
• The church income has risen by almost 50% a month
• We have closed 1 house group and started 3 life groups
• We are introducing teams to Sunday mornings with over 85% of folk signing up (many on multiple rosters)
• It was great to gather every Sunday night in August to pray
• Exciting to see several people following a challenge, buying and reading the John Ortberg book ‘If you want to walk on water you have to get out of the boat’, as we embark on a journey of faith.
We are really looking forward to having Terry & Wendy Virgo with us for the last weekend in October and believe God for a powerful impartation to the church.

Please Pray
• Great to thank God for all He has done
• Please pray for our family: the kids to find friends and for all of us to overcome days of homesickness.
• Please pray that the church grows, that a worship leader emerges, that a leadership team develops, that people are saved and baptised.
• Please pray that we know the powerful presence of God with us"

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