Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Did I do right?

Today whilst returning from a lunch time run, I came upon a tearful woman asking directions to the Marie Stopes centre on London Street. Without thinking, I gave her directions and then ran on up towards our offices. And as I did so, I realized what I had done, I had shown the way for a baby to lose their life.

I was filled with confusion.

I resolved to find the woman again and tell her about Reading Lifeline, whose offices are opposite the clinic. I caught up with her, now with a young couple, near Marie Stopes and as I spoke, she cried. The young couple would not/could not look at me, they had an appointment to keep.

I gently urged them to delay and get pre-abortion counselling at Lifeline. I then let them know that Lifeline also do post abortion counseling. As I stood before them, a sweaty stranger in running gear, I was acutely aware that an unborn life hang in the balance.

I don't know the outcome, I left them there outside Marie Stopes. I cried. Did I do enough? Did I plead for a life gently enough, for long enough?

It seems to me we all lost something... but none more so than that baby who, presumable, lost his/her life this afternoon, as I sat in my study just a few doors away.


FloydTheBarber said...

Proverbs says do not with hold good when it is in your power to give it... You could have done that, but you didn't, you chased her and you found her.

We can probably never plead long enough or gently enough for the unborn, but did you, the sweaty stranger on the door step of an abortion clinic, do all that you could do in that moment?

A thousand times yes.

Karen said...

You did all you could. You can't be certain that baby was lost - you may well have said just the right words to enable that child to have the life it justly deserves.

Could you have done more? I don't think so. What you did was much more than most would have done.