Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The rise of the 'Mamil'

Apparently I am a 'mamil' (a middle age man in Lycra). I had not heard the term until one of my 'so called' friends sent me this BBC article saying it brought me to mind.

Ironically, I have just ordered a new pair a cycling shorts and await its arrival at the church offices, classic 'mamil' behaviour according to the article.

And yes I do gawk at hi spec derailleur gears and carbon frames. Sadly, I still use my sister's steel framed 10 year old bike with squeeky gears but I aspire to greater things.

With only 10 days to go until the Reading Triathlon I am regretting the vast quantity of cheese I ate in France and my woeful lack of bike & run training over the past few months.

I have downgraded my pre-race language from 'racing' to 'participating' in the event ... at least I will enjoy the swim.

So I am officially a 'Mamil' but just don't ask me what my time was at Reading.


dave bish said...

You're who came to mind when I read that article! A much loved mamil.

Simon Allen said...

Beautiful picture - looking forward to the reading Tri picture. I would love to be doing it!