Friday, 10 September 2010

RFC & Readifood

RFC partners with Readifood, a local Christian charity, providing for the needy and homeless in our town. Social Services and local doctors can refer people to Readifood who in turn deliver food parcels to homes on a short term basis.

Around 100 people/couples/families in the town are
referred to Readifood for help at any one time, but the charity only have the resources to currently help 25 of these. Below is a photo of the sorry state of their food storage shelves, this should give you an idea of the need!
Readifood are totally reliant on local churches for donations, and we at RFC can make a HUGE difference to people in our town by us forming the habit of 'simply picking up an extra item on our way around the supermarket'!

This week, they are particularly short on canned meals & meat, but more generally the most needed items are:
  • Tinned meat pies & ready meals
  • Tuna, spam, pasta sauces
  • Tinned peas, sweetcorn
  • Tinned fruit, Custard, rice pudding

Readifood's shiny green boxes will be at the front of Sunday gatherings each week, so please encourage your Life Group members to get into habit of picking something extra up each week. If you have any questions, please talk to James & Jess Del Rio who are our point leaders on this.

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Malc Peirce said...

Thank you Sean! Brilliant.
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