Friday, 6 August 2010

Tilly the Tarantula

Yesterday I went to Staines to spend time with some church planters and I came home with Tilly. Tilly is a 7 year old Chilean Rose Tarantula who is, in my opinion, proper scary.

I had a wonderful game with the children as they tried to guess the surprise in the car ... I fully expected them to freak out when they saw her.

But they didn't.

They all submitted competing reasons are to why they should have Tilly in their bedrooms. The thought of having her in the house made me feel a little woosy, so she spent the night in the conservatory. Thankfully I didn't dream about her, but I did wake up a few times with a feeling of unease about the whole episode!

So my jolly jape has thrilled the children but left me feeling mightily uncomfortable (she is one scary spider). At least I have introduced another story into their childhood memories.

Tilly is scheduled to return to Staines in 6 weeks, I just hope they quickly get bored of our 8 legged guest and don't ask that we keep her any longer.


Josh John said...

can I request that Tilly doesn't visit the office at any point in Sept or beyond?

Sean Green said...

Agreed - I don't even want to go home.

The irony is that my annual leave starts Sunday and home is associated with low grade fear ;o(

It was all such a good idea until I took Tilly out of the car ...

Karen said...

I'm impressed you managed the journey home. I'd have been so freaked with it in the car I wouldn't have been able to drive!