Wednesday, 4 August 2010

On the street with RAHAB

Last year during our sermon series 'the Chronicles of Reading' I preached from a news article on prostitution in our town. As part of that sermon, I talked about the RAHAB project which offers support, befriending & advocacy to women involved in the sex industry in the Reading area.

Earlier in the year, RFC gave them some money to help them with a cash flow crisis (from the Nov 09 gift day fund). And a few months ago Lorraine, who leads the project, spoke at our Sunday morning & evening meetings.

Last night, I went out with them on the Oxford Road as a silent observer (clearly it wouldn't be appropriate for me to initiate any conversations). We walked around known hotspots whilst Lorraine explained the ethos and challenges of serving these girls.

Apparently it was a very quiet night, they only spoke to one girl, who sadly was under the influence of drugs and not coherent. It was strange to realize that acts of kindness can included handing out condoms, lubricant, 'love heart' sweets and rape alarms.

Lorraine and her team do a great work to those who are largely overlooked by mainstream life in our town. Do prayerfully consider how you can support this work and love those who are often trapped in a destructive lifestyle.

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